Educating for Empowerment

Educating for Empowerment

Jane Adeny Memorial School for Girls (JAMS) aims to:

  • Create “a school good enough for the richest, open to the poorest”
  • Provide an innovative, effective pedagogical model to the nation of Kenya and to East Africa
  • Empower girls to become women who participate fully in the life of the nation.

Pedagogy, curriculum, school governance, and living conditions are all designed to empower the girls and develop effective life skills and leadership qualities. JAMS is grounded in a holistic philosophy: we care about the whole child, her emotional, physical, and intellectual well-being.

Teaching Methods

Teaching methods focus on active learning and independent thinking.

  • Students are encouraged to ask questions.
  • Class sessions involve discussion and hands-on activities in addition to lecture.
  • Students are guided to do research on their own.
  • Students participate in micro-enterprises: bakery, fish farming, and in future a dairy.

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JAMS is registered and accredited by the Kenyan Ministry of Education and thus provides the required secondary school courses. In addition, JAMS provides enriched resources and activities such as

  • A library open to students and teachers
  • Guest teachers expert in their fields
  • Computer literacy classes.

The students have responded by organizing their own study halls and mini-classes that they teach themselves.

School Governance

JAMS students practice democracy through their participation in school governance.

  • Students participate in policy making for the school.
  • We empower students and instill self-respect by using participatory democracy.
  • Students decide how to work together to keep their dormitories, dining hall, and classrooms clean and organized.

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Living Conditions

The JAMS campus provides clean, healthy, spacious facilities for living, studying, and playing.