Help us Meet the Challenge!

JAMS Students in Science Class

You can help us meet the challenge of science education for Kenyan girls!

A generous donor, who lived in Kenya as a teen, has offered to match donations to reach a total of $120,000 to build a science building and equip chemistry, biology, and physics labs. She will provide $60,000 if we are able to raise the other $60,000. This donation is in memory of her parents who loved Kenya, believed strongly in girls’ and women’s education, and were both scientists.

JAMS Students in Science ClassAt Jane Adeny Memorial School for Girls, our students love science and our teachers are dedicated to showing that girls can do just as well in science as boys, contrary to the gender stereotypes prevalent in Kenya.

Many of our students plan to pursue careers in health, agriculture, engineering, and education, for which the sciences are crucial. However, we have only one science classroom for the three required science subjects and all four class levels (Forms I–IV; the equivalent of Grades 9–12).

JAMS Students in Science ClassIn Kenya, the national government requires examinations in all subjects which students must pass in order to graduate and receive their Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education (the equivalent of a high school diploma). For the sciences, these national exams include hands-on laboratory work.

The teachers and students at JAMS have been doing well with the limited resources they have; however, fully equipped classrooms and sufficient equipment for each science subject will make an enormous difference in the students’ abilities to do well in science.

After a successful concert fundraiser this April (see News & Events), we have raised a total of $23,876. We are 1/3rd of the way to our commitment of $60,000!

Your gift to the Science Building Challenge can help us reach our goal!