Judy Wehrmeister Library Fund for JAMS

Judy Wehrmeister Library Fund for JAMS

In honor of Judy Wehrmeister’s 41 years of librarianship,
including 29 years as a school librarian.

Judy Wehrmeister Library Fund for JAMSDonations to the Wehrmeister Library Fund will benefit the school library at Jane Adeny Memorial School for Girls (JAMS), helping to buy books, bookshelves, and other supplies.

Friends of JAMS is honored and grateful that Judy Wehrmeister has chosen to make JAMS the beneficiary of gifts upon her retirement. The school library is a centrally important resource for both the students and teachers at JAMS.

Most Kenyan high schools do not have a school library. By showing how helpful access to supplementary books and study space are to students and teachers, JAMS hopes to encourage more Kenyan schools to invest in libraries.

Judy visited JAMS in 2014; here is what she has to say about her time at the school:

“In the summer of 2014, I spent five weeks volunteering to assist with painting some buildings at Jane Adeny Memorial School. I witnessed first-hand just how prudently monetary donations are spent toward providing high school girls with an outstanding residential campus and education.

Just like schools here in the U.S., the library serves many functions. It is a gathering place for collaborating on assignments, peaceful place to work, read or put a jigsaw puzzle together. And, of course — there is a collection of fiction and non-fiction titles for students and teachers.

The fortunate girls who attend this school not only complete the national Kenyan high school curriculum, they also learn lifelong skills in agriculture, raising tilapia, and operating a small business such as a dairy or bakery. When a girl graduates, she may continue education at the university level or return to her village with knowledge and skills that will make a positive impact in her community.”


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