Jubilation! JAMS First National Exams Results

We are happy to announce that the first graduates of Jane Adeny Memorial School for Girls have performed extremely well on their national secondary school exams. JAMS came out as #3 out of 28 schools in our district, an impressive result for the first time our students have taken the KCSE exam! All of our students passed and at least 11 out of the 17 girls have qualified to enter university.

Based on the backgrounds of the majority of our students, these results confirm that our strategies in terms of teaching methods and extracurricular activities are working well. Most of our students come to us with significant deficiencies in language, reading, and arithmetic. Clearly, during their years at JAMS, they have acquired knowledge and skills that enable them to perform as well as their more privileged peers.

We feel that we have taken a giant step toward achieving our goal of providing a transformative model for the education of girls in East Africa.

Congratulations!  JAMS First National Exams Results